June 11, 2017
ASUS VivoBook S451LN Driver Download, and Reviews– Asus presents the new 14-inch touch screen notebook, high-end configuration and sleek design called VivoBook S451LB-CA072H. The package made a good impression on the test, but we expected more from the display and storage device.

The category of smaller 14-inch laptops is no longer a rarity in today’s market. Customer benefits directly from falling prices and growing choice. Although manufacturers are now more focused on the 13-inch category and often follow the Intel Ultrabook specification, the niche of the 14-inch will only challenge customers who are 15-inch devices a little too small.

In addition to the more compact and lower weight compared to conventional portable sizes, manufacturers are also striving to vary in other areas. A very high-quality metal cover was reserved for premium notebooks a few years ago. The main components of the new Asus S451LB-CA072H are nothing special, but the team is high-end. Conventional HDD and the touch screen is equipped with an Intel i5 dual-core Nvidia dedicated graphics card. That’s why fast work and multimedia support is guaranteed, and our experience shows that games should work smoothly on medium and high settings from a CPU / GPU array building.

ASUS VivoBook S451LN Driver Download

Direct 14-inch industry candidates with a comparable configuration should first be found. Dedicated Asus laptop graphics card is usually the main reason to exclude potential contenders from the aluminum case. Often they do not have dedicated graphics memory and only integrated Intel HD graphics is installed. Purchase prices vary widely. The IdeaPad U430 and Lenovo ThinkPad S440 with the tested seem to be more realistic. The Acer Aspire S3-392G 13-inch sector will be questioned. All are equipped with dedicated graphics, a metallic cover and a touch screen with Windows 8.

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