ASUS Z550MA Windows 10 For Asus Drivers, Pqeat - Brasília, DF, Brazil

July 10, 2017
This ASUS Z550MA Windows 10 notebook has the same limitations as other models of the same size, offering a basic processor, low HD storage capacity, and therefore has few attributes that significantly increase its cost-effectiveness. The mousepad is very sensitive and disobedient to the touch. To get around the problem it is best to use an external usb mouse. The battery is not detachable, so it has to be plugged in and unplugged from the power outlet so you do not lose the battery life. In the experience evaluation of windows he took note 4.9 and the note was given by the performance of windows aero. The main advantage and the cost / benefit ratio. 

The ASUS Z Series has everything you need in your day-to-day, cost-effective and ideal for work or play with the Intel Quad Core processor. These portable computers have good sound quality; And are always ready, since they return from standby in just 2 seconds. In addition, they have USB 3.0 for super fast data transfers.

It features HDMI and VGA ports, a SD / SDHC / SDXC 3-in-1 card reader, among other options that ensure compatibility with a wide variety of devices. HDMI Output supports Full HD 1080p format for display on high quality TVs and projectors.

Asus Z550MA Intel Celeron N2940

ASUS Z550MA Windows 10 position of the touchpad shifted to the left, rather than centralized, it is uncomfortable. I really hated this feature. This combined with the left and right buttons not being separated causes click errors. The F1 through F12 keys, which have drawn them functions such as volume control, brightness control, airplane mode activation, etc never worked! It came with ASUS Z550MA Windows 10, which seems to be too heavy for the machine and let it slow compared to what is expected of a brand new computer, out of the box.


  • Ultra light at just 1.45KG & incredibly slim at just 18.33mm
  • Brilliant QHD+ screen for brilliant viewing experience
  • Wide viewing angles and vivid colours
  • No compromising on sound quality, Sonic Master speakers offer great listening experience


  • BIOS 205  Update secure mode variable “dbx” for win10. DOWNLOAD
  • Intel INF Update Driver ASUS Z550MA Windows 10 DOWNLOAD
  • ATKACPI driver ASUS Z550MA Windows 10 and hotkey-related utilities DOWNLOAD
Audio / Sound
  • Realtek Audio ASUS Z550MA Windows 10 Driver DOWNLOAD
VGA / Video / Display (1)
  • Intel Graphics ASUS Z550MA Windows 10 Driver DOWNLOAD
  • Realtek LAN Driver ASUS Z550MA Windows 10 DOWNLOAD
Card Reader
  • Realtek ASUS Z550MA Windows 10 Multi-Card Reader Driver DOWNLOAD
Pointing Device
  • ASUS Smart Gesture (Touchpad Driver ASUS Z550MA Windows 10) DOWNLOAD
Applications / Utilities
  • ASUS Z550MA Windows 10 Realtek Wireless Lan Driver and Application DOWNLOAD
  • ASUS Wireless Radio Control DOWNLOAD
  • Realtek BlueTooth ASUS Z550MA Windows 10 driver DOWNLOAD
  • Intel(R) Sideband Fabric Device DOWNLOAD
  • Intel(R) Trusted Execution Engine Interface DOWNLOAD

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