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Huawei is taking a design-centric approach to its latest line of hardware, going for a unified slim look to portray a premium style at a reasonable price. The flagship is the Huawei Matebook X ($1,099), an incredibly thin 13-inch notebook with both style and solid computing power. It offers a crisp display, sturdy aluminum build, and decent performance in an uber-portable form, and costs less than most of the competition. 

Buy Huawei Matebook X that makes it the world's thinnest fanless 13-inch-display laptop, and with a weight of just 2.31 pounds. The Razer Blade (with its 12.5-inch screen) is ever-so-slightly thicker and about 8 ounces heavier at 0.52 inches and 2.9 pounds, while the HP Spectre 13 is just 0.41 inches thick and weighs 2.45 pounds.


Achieving this size doesn't make the Matebook X Price feel hollow or flimsy, though—the construction quality is solid, made entirely of machined aluminum rather than a chintzy plastic or alloy. Given that there are no fans, the laptop runs very quietly, and it doesn't get particularly hot. For me the design falls slightly short of the look and feel of the Blade Stealth, Microsoft Surface Laptop, and Spectre 13, but it's a sleek (and less expensive) system in its own right. The Huawei Matebook X Release Date keyboard is backlit and it's comfortable to type on.


  • The HUAWEI MateBook is a 2 in 1 without compromise, the ultimate 2 in 1 computing device for Professionals, equipped with 12" IPS 2K display, up to 9 hour battery usage.
  • Even with the lightweight design and the tablet dimensions, the MateBook is offering the full scale performance of a modern laptop thanks to the new Intel Core M and the up to date of full Windows 10!
  • Comes with the Portfolio Keyboard. The Portfolio Keyboard with Chiclet keycap design and backlight textured keys gives you maximum typing comfort.
  • With Windows Hello, get instant access to your MateBook using side fingerprint sensor. Support 360-degree identification to unlock the screen with one single touch.
The 2K resolution (2,160 by 1,440) display is good quality, with a bright and sharp picture that looks excellent at this size. Super-thin bezels (just 4.4mm) maximize screen space, which is the key to fitting a 13-inch display into the small chassis.

There is no touch-screen option, a concession Huawei makes to achieve the form factor. If touch capability is an absolute must, you'll have to look elsewhere, like some configurations of the Blade Stealth or a pricier Dell XPS 13 Touch. 

The Editors' Choice Stealth configuration has a QHD touch screen, but less expensive display options are available, while the Spectre 13's non-touch screen is full HD, and the XPS 13 Touch's display is QHD+.

In-Plane Switching technology in the panel allows for wider viewing angles. Glare isn't bad, either, tested both in our lab and back at the outdoor preview event where the MateBook was first shown. It's a pretty stunning display overall, similar to the image quality you get with the 2017 Apple MacBook's 2,304-by-1,440 resolution, 16:10 aspect ratio display.


Dolby Atmos uses a hardware and software combo to provide a better sound system than you'll typically find on a notebook of this size. The MateBook X is the first laptop to use this technology with speakers co-designed by Dolby, and it definitely produces richer and deeper sound than we've come to expect from a small notebook. It mimics surround sound to a degree—it's definitely not the real thing, but it's a decent simulation of the effect.

The smart power adapter adjusts voltage depending on your power source for more efficient charging, and includes fast charge to get some quick juice if you don't have time to fully top off. The fingerprint sensor is built into the power button and uses the technology found in Huawei's better-known smartphones.

Huawei Matebook X Amazon

Product Description

Seamlessly integrating mobility, high efficiency, work and entertainment, the MateBook is made for a new style of business. The MateBook is the device to meet the evolving demands of today’s modern business user. Balancing industry-leading design with consistent productivity, the 2-in-1 device ensures the task in hand is seen to in exquisite style. With no savvy professional’s day or night ever the same, the MateBook’s innovative convertible form delivers the flexibility when and where it is required. 

The powerful 6th generation Intel Core M-series processor keeps up through even the most rigorous of work and play, whilst the ultra-low weight of 640g and 33.7Wh high-density Lithium battery – offering a full day of usage* and a full charge in just two-and-a-half hours – allows for the fanless device to be with you every step of the way. 

Thanks to Huawei’s famous manufacturing expertise, the quality of design is equally as impressive. The 12-inch IPS multi-touch screen with a 2160x1440 resolution means your business presentation showcased during the day is as eye-catching as the media you enjoy in the evening. 

Furthermore, the high spec aluminium body makes for a beautiful yet protective exterior that can withstand the trials and tribulations of the on-the-go lifestyle adopted by much of today’s business elite with ease. The leather keyboard complements the ultra-narrow slate in both productivity and style, giving the user the choice to type and swipe as they please. 

With the thought that a human touch is sometimes the only way to seal a career-making deal, Huawei has also created the MatePen. The 2,048 levels of sensitivity guarantees the user’s message will be effortlessly and accurately conveyed on every occasion, whilst the laser pointer makes certain all those present are engaged throughout.

Box Contains

  • 1 x HUAWEI MateBook
  • HUAWEI MateBook Portfolio Keyboard
  • Power Adaptor
  • USB-C Data Charger Cable
  • USB-C to Micro-USB Cable
  • Micro USB to USB-A Adaptor
  • Safety and Warranty Documents