August 15, 2017
NETGEAR MINI N300 USB adapter comes with three black fasteners. Locate the one that has a prickly side and attach it to the plastic cradle on the middle of the outside rear. Insert the NETGEAR MINI N300 Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter in the plastic cradle. Place one of the other pieces of loop and hook fastener on the back of your notebook monitor near the top for better reception.

Note: The last piece fastener can be placed on the side of your PC monitor nearest your wireless access point, if you are using the USB Adapter with a desktop PC. Join the pieces of the fastener to attach the USB Adapter in the plastic cradle to the notebook or desktop monitor. See the installation instructions for your.

NETGEAR RangeMax™ Next Wireless-N USB 2.0 Adapter NETGEAR N300 MINI

These setup instructions assume that you will connect to an access point or wireless router.
Estimated completion 10 minutes.

Installation NETGEAR MINI N300 

  1. First, install the NETGEAR MINI N300 FIRMWARE software. Insert the Resource CD. If the CD main page does not appear, double click Autorun.exe on the CD.
    • Click Install the Software. The Check for Updates window opens.
    • If you are connected to the Internet, click Check for Updates. If not, you can choose to install from the CD.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions for the InstallShield wizard and the NETGEAR Smart Wizard.
    • For Windows XP, if a Windows logo testing message appears, click Continue Anyway.
    • If a message that Windows Vista cannot verify the publisher of this driver appears, click Install this driver software anyway.
    • When the Installation Complete message appears, click Next.
  2. Now, connect the wireless USB adapter.
    • Locate an available USB port on your PC.
    • Connect the USB cable to the NETGEAR MINI N300 FIRMWARE and insert the other end of the cable into the USB slot on your PC. See “Placing the USB Adapter Cradle”on the other side of this card.
    • For Windows XP computers, the Found New Hardware Wizard opens. Follow the wizard prompts.
    • For Windows Vista the WN111 is automatically added with the installed driver.
  • Use the Smart Wizard to set up your wireless USB adapter.
Note: Hidden networks do not broadcast the Network Name (SSID). These networks are in the drop-down list, but the Network Name (SSID) is blank. If the network uses security, then the Smart
Wizard detects it. 
    • Follow the Wizard steps for Security (if used) and for saving a Profile.
    • After you have reviewed the settings, click Finish.


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